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Title: Spin glass behaviour in (Mn,Mg)S
Authors: Etheridge, GT
Kennedy, SJ
Hicks, TJ
Keywords: Antiferromagnetism
FCC lattices
Magnesium sulfides
Magnetic susceptibility
Manganese sulfides
Neutron diffraction
Order-disorder transformations
Spin glass state
Structural chemical analysis
Temperature dependence
Issue Date: 9-Feb-1994
Publisher: Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Physics
Citation: Etheridge, G. T., Kennedy, S. J., & Hicks, T. J. Spin glass behaviour in (Mn,Mg)S. Poster presented to the 18th Annual Condensed Matter Physics Meeting, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 9-11 February 1994.
Abstract: MnS and MgS form a solid solution with the NaCl structure. MnS is antiferromagnetic with first neighbour antiferromagnetic interactions which can never be fully satisfied because in the fcc lattice of the Mn cations first neighbours have mutual first neighbours. This competing interaction condition can lead to spin glass behaviour in a system disordered on the cation lattice. We present magnetic susceptibility and neutron powder diffraction data which suggest that with the addition of MgS to MnS, to produce a disordered cation lattice, the antiferromagnetic phase may have a reentrant spin glass phase at low temperatures and that certainly at the composition Mn0 3SMg0 63S the material is a classic spin glass.
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