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dc.description.abstractWhat were the highlights of ANSTO’s CSR performance this year? Our increased community interaction was a definite highlight, in terms of reaching out to schools and communities. Important confirmation of the desire for ANSTO’s CSR reporting came with our market research results. We have used this information to modify report content including our CSR commitments, and will continue to seek feedback to better meet stakeholder expectations (our CSR commitments are also now more in line with organisational Strategic Directions). Increased emphasis of safety on site was another highlight. We have decreased the severity of incidents, and in April to June cut our time lost through injury frequency rate by over 50 per cent. A good result, but we can still do better. Construction of a new $1.3 million specially designed site entrance also shows our commitment to staff road safety. What were the social and economic benefits of ANSTO’s scientific research this year? Our sewage recycling ‘bioreactor’ is an invention with high potential for very good environmental outcomes. We have interest from major municipal authorities to trial the technology, with potential savings of tens of millions of dollars. We continue to support local industry with provision of expert services, such as software for the better management of pipeline strength testing and stress analysis for power generation plants. ANSTO research is contributing to our understanding of what is happening with our water, by tracing water flows and understanding salinity. These are major issues which help us understand climate change. Our CeramiSphere technology has the demonstrated ability to make narcotic drugs tamper-proof. We are in negotiation with a major pharmaceutical company to ensure important pain relief drugs are not diverted for illegal use. This approach of ‘spinning-off’ our technology allows ANSTO to adapt its core research into platforms that Australian industry can use to solve specific issues. What role will nuclear science and technology play in Australian science and industry in coming years? There is great excitement in the Australian scientific community. OPAL’s neutron scattering† will ensure this is a key technology for the next decade. It will impact on molecular biology, health and food science research. ANSTO will also play an important role in advising government and community about the benefits of nuclear science and technology, and allowing the nuclear power debate to proceed on the basis of reliable information. What will OPAL do for Australia? As a world-class facility, OPAL will irradiate silicon for semi-conductors, secure radioisotope supplies for nuclear medicine and provide neutrons for research. For example, our food science project uses OPAL’s capacities and is an exciting opportunity to understand more about food. Our neutron scattering facility will help keep scientists in Australia, and attract some back. How is ANSTO working towards nuclear safety and security in our region? We have a long and well earned reputation as a source of advice and expertise for countries in the region. ANSTO leads a major project promoting safety culture in nuclear facilities, with nine regional countries involved. We actively assist regional countries to secure vulnerable radioactive sources, which are a potential danger with the realities of terrorism very much upon us.en_AU
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dc.titleCorporate social responsibility report 2005-06en_AU
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