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Title: Comparative ages of pollen and foraminifera in the ODP 820 marine core
Authors: Moss, PT
Dunbar, GB
Dickens, G
Jacobsen, GE
Keywords: Pollen
Age estimation
Radiochemical analysis
Marine surveys
Issue Date: Nov-2007
Citation: Moss, P. T., Dunbar, G., Dickens, G., Jacobsen, G. (2007). Comparative ages of pollen and foraminifera in the ODP 820 marine core. 15th Australian Conference on Nuclear and Complementary Techniques of Analysis and 9th Vacuum Society of Australia Congress, 21st – 23rd November 2007. Melbourne, Australia: University of Melbourne.
Abstract: This study discusses the results of using pollen concentrate for AMS C14 dating of sediments from the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) 820 marine core and these dates are compared with existing AMS C14 dates derived from foraminifera for the same record. This will address the question of reworking, and consequent time lag between production and deposition of pollen in the Queensland Trough, as well as providing an additional age model from the terrestrial record (i.e. pollen) that can be directly compared with the existing age model derived from marine sediments (i.e. foraminifera). In addition, these results will contribute to our ability to interpret marine palynological records and provide additional insight into the sedimentological processes operating on the northeastern Queensland continental margin.
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