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Title: High repetition rate Q-switched CO2 laser.
Authors: Hamilton, N
Kelly, JW
Struve, H
Keywords: Carbon dioxide lasers
Laser mirrors
Issue Date: Mar-1982
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Hamilton, N., Kelly, J. W., Struve, H. (1982). High repetition rate Q-switched CO2 laser. (AAEC/E534). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: A rotating mirror Q-switched CO2 laser was designed and constructed for use as an excitation source in infrared fluorescence studies. Output power of 33 W was reached in the continuous wave (CW) mode. In the pulsed mode peak powers of 3 kW and pulse widths of 200 ns FWHM have been measured. The repetition rate may be varied between 275 and 1000 Hz and single line operation is selectable with a diffraction grating. The design is compact and economical. The laser has shown freedom from electrical noise and average power stability of the order of 1 per cent; it has operated reliably for more than 1000 hours with a minimum of maintenance.
Gov't Doc #: 379
ISBN: 0642597332
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