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Title: Environmental survey at the AAEC Research Establishment Lucas Heights - results for 1979
Authors: Giles, MS
Dudaitis, A
Keywords: Environment
Environmental effects
Radiation doses
Radioactive waste disposal
Radiation monitoring
Issue Date: Sep-1980
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Giles, M. S., & Dudaitis, A. (1980). Environmental survey at the AAEC Research Establishment, Lucas Heights : results for 1979 (AAEC/E508). Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment, Lucas Heights, NSW.
Abstract: This report presents the results of the environmental survey at the AAEC Research Establishment Lucas Heights during 1979. They show that the only radioactivity detected which could be of AAECRE origin and which could also be ingested by humans was due to tritium. The maximum credible dose which a member of the public could receive from this radioactivity is calculated to be one ten thousandth of the derived working limit consistent with the latest recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection.
Gov't Doc #: 187
ISBN: 0642597014
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