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Title: β-diketiminate-stabilized magnesium(I) dimers and magnesium(II) hydride complexes: synthesis, characterization, adduct formation, and reactivity studies
Authors: Bonyhady, SJ
Jones, C
Nembenna, S
Stasch, A
Edwards, AJ
McIntyre, GJ
Keywords: Magnesium hydrides
X-ray diffraction
Issue Date: 18-Jan-2010
Publisher: Wiley-VCH Verlag Berlin
Citation: Bonyhady, S. J., Jones, C., Nembenna, S., Stasch, A., Edwards, A. J., & McIntyre, G. J. (2010). β-diketiminate-stabilized magnesium(I) dimers and magnesium(II) hydride complexes: synthesis, characterization, adduct formation, and reactivity studies. Chemistry-a European Journal, 16(3), 938-955. doi:10.1002/chem.200902425
Abstract: The preparation and characterization of a series of magnesium(II) iodide complexes incorporating β-diketiminate ligands of varying steric bulk and denticity, namely, [(ArNCMe)2CH]- (Ar=phenyl, (PhNacnac), mesityl (MesNacnac), or 2,6-diisopropylphenyl (Dipp, DippNacnac)), [(DippNCtBu)2CH]- (tBuNacnac), and [(DippNCMe)(Me2NCH2CH2NCMe)CH]- (DmedaNacnac) are reported. The complexes [(PhNacnac)MgI(OEt2)], [(MesNacnac)MgI(OEt2)], [(DmedaNacnac)MgI(OEt2)], [(MesNacnac)MgI(thf)], [(DippNacnac)MgI(thf)], [(tBuNacnac)MgI], and [(tBuNacnac)MgI(DMAP)] (DMAP=4-dimethylaminopyridine) were shown to be monomeric by X-ray crystallography. In addition, the related β-diketiminato beryllium and calcium iodide complexes, [(MesNacnac)BeI] and [{(DippNacnac)CaI(OEt2)}2] were prepared and crystallographically characterized. The reductions of all metal(II) iodide complexes by using various reagents were attempted. In two cases these reactions led to the magnesium(I) dimers, [(MesNacnac)MgMg(MesNacnac)] and [(tBuNacnac)MgMg(tBuNacnac)]. The reduction of a 1:1 mixture of [(DippNacnac)MgI(OEt2)] and [(MesNacnac)MgI(OEt2)] with potassium gave a low yield of the crystallographically characterized complex [(DippNacnac)Mg(µ-H)(µ-I)Mg(MesNacnac)]. All attempts to form beryllium(I) or calcium(I) dimers by reductions of [(MesNacnac)BeI], [{(DippNacnac)CaI(OEt2)}2], or [{(tBuNacnac)CaI(thf)}2] have so far been unsuccessful. The further reactivity of the magnesium(I) complexes [(MesNacnac)MgMg(MesNacnac)] and [(tBuNacnac)MgMg(tBuNacnac)] towards a variety of Lewis bases and unsaturated organic substrates was explored. These studies led to the complexes [(MesNacnac)Mg(L)Mg(L)(MesNacnac)] (L=THF or DMAP), [(MesNacnac)Mg(µ-AdN6Ad)Mg(MesNacnac)] (Ad=1-adamantyl), [(tBuNacnac)Mg(µ-AdN6Ad)Mg(tBuNacnac)], and [(MesNacnac)Mg(µ-tBu2N2C2O2)Mg(MesNacnac)] and revealed that, in general, the reactivity of the magnesium(I) dimers is inversely proportional to their steric bulk. The preparation and characterization of [(tBuNacnac)Mg(µ-H)2Mg(tBuNacnac)] has shown the compound to have different structural and physical properties to [(tBuNacnac)MgMg(tBuNacnac)]. Treatment of the former with DMAP has given [(tBuNacnac)Mg(H)(DMAP)], the X-ray crystal structure of which disclosed it to be the first structurally authenticated terminal magnesium hydride complex. Although attempts to prepare [(MesNacnac)Mg(µ-H)2Mg(MesNacnac)] were not successful, a neutron diffraction study of the corresponding magnesium(I) complex, [(MesNacnac)MgMg(MesNacnac)] confirmed that the compound is devoid of hydride ligands. © 2010, Wiley-VCH Verlag Berlin
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ISSN: 0947-6539
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