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Title: GYMEA - a nuclide depletion, space independent, multigroup neutron diffusion, data preparation code
Authors: Pollard, JP
Robinson, GS
Keywords: IBM computers
Computer codes
Neutron diffusion equation
Cross sections
Issue Date: Mar-1966
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Citation: Pollard, J. P., Robinson, G. S. (1966). GYMEA - a nuclide depletion, space independent, multigroup neutron diffusion, data preparation code. (AAEC/147). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: GYMEA is a multi-purpose neutronics code used extensively in the H.T.G.C.R. project of the A.A.E.C. The code has three main functions: (i) running of burnup surveys of near—homogeneous reactor systems, (ii) running of neutron diffusion calculations in nuclear data library correlations with measurements made in near—homogeneous subcritical assemblies carried out at the A.A.E.C, and (Hi) preparation of suitably averaged cross section data from the code's 120—group (with resonance parameters), 70—nuclide main data library for direct input to space-dependent codes such as CRAM, 4-ZOOM (9-ZOOM translated to the IBM 7040), DSN and TDC (Carlsons FLOCO versions translated to the IBM 7040), and WDSN. Because free input is used and a toy compiler is provided, new applications of the code can be developed by code users to extend its function. The source language is FORTRAN IV (95 per cent.) and MAP (5 per cent.) for the IBM 7040 (and later an IBM 360). 32K words of core storage are required together with 4—6 magnetic tapes and an on —line 1401 including reader, punch, and printer. Typical runs for data preparation take 3 minutes, diffusion calculations 10 minutes and burnup calculations 15 minutes. A few illustrative examples are included in the report.
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