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Title: The structures of fluoride II - the structure of uranyl fluoride
Authors: Taylor, JC
Wilson, PW
Keywords: Fluorides
Neutron diffraction
Crystal models
Uranyl compounds
Issue Date: Jan-1973
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Taylor. J. C., & Wilson, P. W. (1973). The structures of fluoride II - the structure of uranyl fluoride. (AAEC/E255). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: A neutron diffraction study of UO2F2 has been carried out. Previous workers have proposed that line broadening in the diffraction pattern of UO2F2 is due to puckering of the hexagonal fluorine atom rings and consequent stacking disorders. It is shown that, in our samples, most of the line broadening is due to the effects of particle size and shape. The puckering of the layers, if present, must be determined from a neutron analysis of the deviation of the z-coordinate of the fluorine atom from the value 0.333, using reflexions for which h-k = 3n. There are only two resolved lines of this type in the pattern, making it difficult to decide whether the previously proposed complex disorder structures are better than a simple model where the layers are unpuckered. It is shown that single crystal studies will be necessary to distinguish between the alternative models.
Gov't Doc #: 467
ISBN: 0642995311
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