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Title: Field-induced ferromagnetism of Fe4+-perovskite system, Sr(1-x)BaxFeO3 (0 ≤x≤1)
Authors: Hayashi, N
Yamamoto, T
Kitada, A
Matsuo, A
Kindo, K
Hester, JR
Kageyama, H
Takano, M
Keywords: Perovskite
Neutron diffraction
Issue Date: 5-Sep-2013
Publisher: The Physical Society of Japan
Citation: Hayashi, N., Yamamoto, T., Kitada, A., Matsuo, A., Kindo, K., Hester, J., Kageyama, H., & Takano, M. (2013). Field-induced ferromagnetism of fe4+-perovskite system, sr1-xbaxfeo3 (0 ≤x≤1). Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 82(11), 113702. doi:10.7566/JPSJ.82.113702
Abstract: A series of cubic perovskite-type oxides, Sr1-xBaxFe4+O3 (0≤x≤1 ), have been studied through measurements of neutron diffraction and magnetization. It has been found that their helical spin structure changes from the G-type to the A-type with increasing Ba content at x∼0.85 . The application of an external magnetic field induces ferromagnetism with ∼3.5 µB/Fe, and the strength of the critical field decreases markedly from 39 T for SrFeO3 to 0.3 T for BaFeO3. The transition process can be categorized into three: SrFeO3, Sr0.4Ba0.6FeO3, and BaFeO3 types. © 2013 The Physical Society of Japan
Gov't Doc #: 5409
ISSN: 1347-4073
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