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Title: Coexistence of long-range magnetic ordering and singlet ground state in the spin-ladder superconductor SrCa13Cu24O41
Authors: Deng, G
Kenzelmann, M
Danilkin, SA
Studer, AJ
Pomjakushin, V
Imperia, P
Pomjakushina, E
Conder, K
Keywords: Neutron diffraction
Temperature dependence
Antiferromagnetic materials
Issue Date: 26-Nov-2013
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Deng, G., Kenzelmann, M., Danilkin, S., Studer, A. J., Pomjakushin, V., Imperia, P., Pomjakushina, E., & Conder, K. (2013). Coexistence of long-range magnetic ordering and singlet ground state in the spin-ladder superconductor SrCa13Cu24O41. Physical Review B, 88(17). doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.88.174424
Abstract: A long-range magnetic order was discovered in the quasi-one-dimensional spin-ladder compound SrCa13Cu24O41 by susceptibility, specific heat, and neutron diffraction experiments. The temperature dependence of the magnetic Bragg peak intensity could be well fitted to the power law with a transition temperature TN = 4.23 K and a critical exponent β = 0.28, indicating a three-dimensional phase transition for a low-dimensional magnet. A computer program was coded and found two possible magnetic structure models fitting best with all the observed magnetic peaks. These models suggest the spin-ladder sublattice is magnetically ordered with Cu moments aligning along the a axis. The spin interactions are primarily antiferromagnetic along rungs and legs, while there are ferromagnetic clusters along legs. Surprisingly, the singlet-triplet spin-gap excitation is observable above and below TN, indicating a coexistence of the spin-singlet ground state and long-range magnetic ordering state in this compound. © 2013, American Physical Society.
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ISSN: 1098-0121
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