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Title: An x-ray investigation of austenite reversion in maraging steels
Authors: Ball, CJ
Keywords: X-ray diffraction
Lattice parameters
Maraging steels
Phase diagrams
Issue Date: Apr-1984
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Ball, C. J. (1984). An x-ray investigation of austenite reversion in maraging steels (AAEC/E584). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Australian Atomic Energy Commission, Research Establishment.
Abstract: Reversion of martensite to austenite in maraging steels has been investigated in the range 400 to 800oC. Austenite formed at temperatures up to ~680oC does not transform back to martensite on cooling to room temperature, and the amount of such austenite is, in some cases, greater than 65 per cent. Lattice parameter measurements indicates that substantial amounts of molybdenum and/or titanium remain in solutions after completion of the age-hardenin precipitation reaction, and that the solubility of these elements is greater in austenite than in martensite at temperatures of ~700oC.
Gov't Doc #: 706
ISBN: 0642597952
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