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Title: Magnetic ordering in TmGa
Authors: Cadogan, JM
Stewart, GA
Muñoz-Pérez, S
Cobas, R
Hansen, BR
Avdeev, M
Hutchison, WD
Keywords: Magnetism
Intermetallic compounds
Neutron diffraction
Orthorhombic lattices
Issue Date: 3-Mar-2014
Publisher: IOP Science
Citation: Cadogan, J. M., Stewart, G. A., Muñoz-Pérez, S., Cobas, R., Hansen, B. R., Avdeev, M., & Hutchison, W. D (2014). Magnetic ordering in TmGa. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 26(11), 16002. doi:10.1088/0953-8984/26/11/116002
Abstract: We have determined the magnetic structure of the intermetallic compound TmGa by high-resolution neutron powder diffraction and 169Tm Mössbauer spectroscopy. This compound crystallizes in the orthorhombic (Cmcm) CrB-type structure and its magnetic structure is characterized by magnetic order of the Tm sublattice along the a-axis. The initial magnetic ordering occurs at 15(1) K and yields an incommensurate antiferromagnetic structure described by the propagation vector k1 = [0 0.275(2) 0]. At 12 K the dominant ferromagnetic ordering of the Tm sublattice along the a-axis develops in what appears to be a first-order transition. At 3 K the magnetic structure of TmGa is predominantly ferromagnetic but a weakened incommensurate component remains. The ferromagnetic Tm moment reaches 6.7(2) μB at 3 K and the amplitude of the remaining incommensurate component is 2.7(4) μB. The 169Tm hyperfine magnetic field at 5 K is 631(1) T. © Copyright IOP Publishing
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