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Title: Rotamak equilibrium calculations using the PEST code
Authors: Watterson, PA
Keywords: ANSTO
Computer codes
Plasma pressure
P codes
Issue Date: Dec-1987
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Citation: Watterson, P. A. (1987). Rotamak equilibrium calculations using the PEST code. (ANSTO/E672). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.
Abstract: This report describes the use of the equilibrium part of the Princeton equilibrium and stability code PEST to model rotamak equilibria with an applied toroidal magnetic field. An overview of the code is provided together with a list of required input data. The simulation of a range of equilibria measured in the ANSTO rotamak shows that the rotamak approximately satisfies magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium. Of particular interest is the presence of large diamagnetic poloidal current about the magnetic axis which produces a peak in the plasma pressure on the magnetic axis. For a low toroidal field however poloidal current of opposite direction is simultaneously driven on flux surfaces distant from the magnetic axis producing paramagnetism.
Gov't Doc #: 733
ISBN: 0642598762
ISSN: 10307745
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