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Title: A Monte carlo software for the 1-dimensional simulation of IBIC experiments
Authors: Forneris, J
Jakšić, M
Pastuovic, Z
Vittone, E
Keywords: Physical radiation effects
Ion beams
Semiconductor detectors
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2014
Publisher: Science Direct
Citation: Forneris, J., Jakšić, M., Pastuovic, Z., & Vittone, E. (2014). A Monte carlo software for the 1-dimensional simulation of IBIC experiments. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 332, 257-260. doi:10.1016/j.nimb.2014.02.073
Abstract: The ion beam induced charge (IBIC) microscopy is a valuable tool for the analysis of the electronic properties of semiconductors. In this work, a recently developed Monte Carlo approach for the simulation of IBIC experiments is presented along with a self-standing software equipped with graphical user interface. The method is based on the probabilistic interpretation of the excess charge carrier continuity equations and it offers to the end-user the full control not only of the physical properties ruling the induced charge formation mechanism (i.e., mobility, lifetime, electrostatics, device’s geometry), but also of the relevant experimental conditions (ionization profiles, beam dispersion, electronic noise) affecting the measurement of the IBIC pulses. Moreover, the software implements a novel model for the quantitative evaluation of the radiation damage effects on the charge collection efficiency degradation of ion-beam-irradiated devices. The reliability of the model implementation is then validated against a benchmark IBIC experiment. © 2014, Elsevier B.V.
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ISSN: 0168-583X
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