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Title: Source term and behavioural parameters for a postulated HIFAR loss-of-coolant accident
Authors: May, FG
Keywords: HIFAR Reactor
Computer codes
Loss of coolant
Reactor accidents
Reactor cooling systems
Reactor safety
Issue Date: Jan-1987
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: May,F. G. (1987). Source term and behavioural parameters for a postulated HIFAR loss-of-coolant accident. (AAEC/E643). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: The fraction of the fission product inventory which might be released into the atmosphere of the HIFAR reactor containment building (RCB) during a postulated loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) has been evaluated as a function of time for each classification of airborne radioactivity. This appraisal will be used as the source term for a computer program which uses realistic attenuation of the fission product aerosol in a single compartment model with a defined leakrate to predict possible radioactive releases into the environment in a hypothetical bounding case reactor accident which is rather more severe in all major aspects than any single LOCA. Also given are the parameters governing the attenuation of the aerosol and vapours in the atmosphere of the RCB so that their behaviour may be accurately modelled. The source terms for several other types of accident involving the meltdown of fuel elements have also been considered but in less detail than the LOCA case. In some of the cases the fission products are released directly to atmosphere so there is no attenuation of the release by deposition within the RCB.
Gov't Doc #: 853
ISBN: 0642598452
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