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Title: Tables of gamma rays from (η,γ) produced nuclides
Authors: Greig, RA
Porritt, REJ
Bone, SJ
Keywords: Data
Gamma spectra
Gamma radiation
Issue Date: Feb-1971
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Greig, R. A., Porritt, R. E. J., & Bone, S. J. (1971). Tables of gamma rays from (η,γ) produced nuclides (AAEC/TM585). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Research Establishment, Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: Gamma ray energies from radioactive (η,γ) produced nuclides have been measured very accurately in the past few years and have been compiled in a publication by Lederer et al. (1967). However, these data are not presented in a manner which allows rapid identification of gamma spectra and although earlier publications such as Crouthamel (1960) and Heath (1964) have gamma ray data in a suitable form, the values of energies given are less precise that those in Lederer et al. The energies and abundances in the following tables are taken from Lederer et a. and rearranged in a form suitable for rapid identification of gamma spectra: Table 1 - Major gamma rays ordered by energy (each energy followed by all other gamma rays from that particular nuclide). Table 2 - All gamma rays ordered by energy Table 3 - Gamma rays from mass ordered nuclides. Similar tables containing data on fission products are being compiled. Half-lives start at two minutes, this time being chosen to suit irradiation and counting procedures in our laboratories. However, tables with half-lives from one second are available from the authors. Nuclides with characteristic x-rays and gamma rays less that 30 keV are not included in the tables. Only the immediate daughters of thorium and uranium are given in the Active Relation column. Other explanatory notes precede each table.
Gov't Doc #: 887
ISBN: 0642994005
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