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Title: ANSTO's radioactive waste management policy: preliminary environmental review
Authors: Levins, DM
Airey, PL
Breadner, B
Bull, PS
Camilleri, A
Dimitrovski, L
Gorman, T
Harries, JR
Innes, RW
Jarquin, E
Jay, G
Ridal, A
Smith, AM
Keywords: Radioactive wastes
Radioactive waste management
Issue Date: May-1996
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Citation: Levins, D. M., Airey, P. L., Breadner, B., Bull, P., Camilleri, A., Dimitrovski, L., Gorman, T., Harries, J. R., Innes, R. W., Jarquin, E., Jay, G., Ridal, A., & Smith, A. M. (1996). ANSTO's radioactive waste management policy preliminary environmental review. Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.
Abstract: For over forty years radioactive wastes have been generated by ANSTO (and its predecessor the AAEC) from the operation of nuclear facilities the production of radioisotopes for medical and industrial use and from various research activities. The quantities and activities of radioactive waste currently at Lucas Heights are very small compared to many other nuclear facilities overseas especially those in countries with nuclear power program. Nevertheless in the absence of a repository for nuclear wastes in Australia and guidelines for waste conditioning the waste inventory has been growing steadily. This report reviews the status of radioactive waste management at ANSTO including spent fuel management treatment of effluents and environmental monitoring. It gives details of: relevant legislative regulatory and related requirements; sources and types of radioactive waste generated at ANSTO; waste quantities and activities (both cumulative and annual arisings); existing practices and procedures for waste management and environmental monitoring; recommended broad strategies for dealing with radioactive waste management issues. Detailed proposals on how the recommendations should be implemented is the subject of a companion internal document the Radioactive Waste Management Action Plan 1996-2000 which provides details of the tasks to be undertaken milestones and resource requirements.
Gov't Doc #: 295
ISBN: 0642599661
ISSN: 10307745
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