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Title: Grazing incidence x-ray studies of ultra-thin lumogen films.
Authors: Keough, SJ
Hanley, TL
Wedding, AB
Quinton, JS
Keywords: Physical vapor deposition
Thin films
Far ultraviolet radiation
Quantum efficiency
Issue Date: 15-Dec-2007
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Keough, S. J., Hanley, T. L., Wedding, A. B., & Quinton, J. S. (2007). Grazing incidence x-ray studies of ultra-thin lumogen films. Surface Science, 601(24), 5744-5749. doi:10.1016/j.susc.2007.06.053
Abstract: Lumogen® Yellow S0790 films have been produced on silicon wafer substrates via physical vapour deposition (PVD) and spin-coating (SC) methods. These coatings were characterised with X-ray reflectometry (XRR) and grazing incidence X-ray diffraction (GIXD) techniques. The results show that ultra-thin (less than 12nm) PVD films coat amorphously, with crystallinity becoming increasingly apparent with increasing film thickness. In contrast, measurements of ultra-thin (less than 2nm) spin-coated films reveal a second, apparently stable crystalline structure. © 2007, Elsevier Ltd.
Gov't Doc #: 1116
ISSN: 0039-6028
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