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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Topographic and microclimatic impacts on glaciation of the Denison Range, southwest TasmaniaKiernan, K; McMinn, MS; Fink, D
Jan-2012Radiocarbon bomb spike reveals biological effects of Antarctic climate changeClarke, LJ; Robinson, SA; Hua, Q; Ayre, DJ; Fink, D
Oct-1994Tissue disposition of 26aluminum in rats measured by accelerator mass spectrometryWalker, VR; Sutton, RA; Meirav, O; Sossi, V; Johnson, R; Klein, J; Fink, D; Middleton, RJ
3-Jun-1994Equipment and methodology for high precision, high throughput 14C AMS analyses at ANTARESSmith, AM; Fink, D; Hotchkis, MAC; Jacobsen, GE; Lawson, EM; Shying, ME; Tuniz, C; Watt, GC; Fallon, J; Ellis, PJ
1-Oct-1993Measurements of 59Ni in meteorites by accelerator mass spectrometryPaul, M; Fifield, LK; Fink, D; Albrecht, A; Allan, GL; Herzog, GF; Tuniz, C
3-Jun-1994First 26Al analyses at the ANTARES AMS Centre: uptake via oral ingestion of 26Al in ratsFink, D; Walton, J; Hotchkis, MAC; Jacobsen, GE; Lawson, EM; Smith, AM; Tuniz, C; Wilcox, D
3-Jun-1994The ANTARES AMS Centre at the Lucas Heights Research LaboratoriesTuniz, C; Fink, D; Hotchkis, MAC; Jacobsen, GE; Lawson, EM; Smith, AM; Bird, JR; Boldeman, JW
Jan-1995Uptake of trace amounts of aluminium into the brain from drinking waterWalton, J; Tuniz, C; Fink, D; Jacobsen, GE; Wilcox, D
3-Jun-1994Report on workshop on production rates of terrestrial produced in-situ cosmogenic radionuclidesReedy, RC; Tuniz, C; Fink, D
Oct-2000Sample processing for earth science studies at ANTARESChild, DP; Elliott, G; Mifsud, C; Smith, AM; Fink, D