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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Effect of sol-gel encapsulation on lipase structure and function: a small angle neutron scattering studyRodgers, LE; Holden, PJ; Knott, RB; Finnie, KS; Bartlett, JR; Foster, LJR
May-2005Receptor modelling with PMF2 and ME2 using aerosol data from Hong KongCrawford, J; Cohen, DD; Dyer, LL; Zahorowski, W
5-Sep-2005Domain structure of 001-Poled PZN-4.5%PT using neutron diffractionPiltz, RO
5-Aug-2005On the interpretation of x-ray diffraction powder patterns in terms of the nanostructure of cellulose I fibres.Garvey, CJ; Parker, IH; Simon, GP
Nov-2005Bragg institute: international leader in neutron beam and x-ray scienceAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Jun-2005OPAL: open pool Australian light-water reactorAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
1-Nov-2005Fine-particle Mn and other metals linked to the introduction of MMT into gasoline in Sydney, Australia: results of a natural experiment.Cohen, DD; Gulson, B; Davis, JM; Stelcer, E; Garton, D; Hawas, O; Taylor, A
1-Sep-2005Development of an Australian secondary standard for the reference air kerma rate measurement of 125I seedsDavies, JB; Mo, L; Alexiev, D
2005Corporate social responsibility report 2005-05Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation; Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
20-Nov-2005Ion beam analysis of GdN thin films with a protective GaN capping layerGranville, S; Budde, F; Koo, A; Ruck, BJ; Trodahl, HJ; Bittar, A; Metson, JB; Kennedy, VJ; Prince, KE; Atanacio, AJ