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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2005Late Quaternary landscape evolution in the Keep River region, northwestern AustraliaWard, IAK; Nanson, GC; Head, LM; Fullagar, R; Price, DM; Fink, D
28-Feb-2004Quantitative resolution of the debate over antiquity of the central Australian landscape: implications for the tectonic and geomorphic stability of cratonic interiorsBelton, DX; Brown, RW; Kohn, BP; Fink, D; Farley, KA
Nov-2005International conference on neutron scattering ICNS2005, 27 November-2 December 2005, Final program and abstract bookThe Bragg Institute, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
15-Nov-2006Radiation shielding for neutron guidesErsez, T; Braoudakis, G; Osborn, JC
27-Nov-2005Investigation of strain-free reference for residual strain measurements in a weldments by neutron and synchrotron diffractionParadowska, AM; Finlayson, TR; Price, JWH; Ibrahim, R; Steuwer, A; Ripley, MI
27-Nov-2006Residual stresses in Al7075 alloy laser cladded with Al-12Si alloy powderDurandet, Y; Bendeich, PJ; Ripley, MI; Liu, Q; Brandt, M
27-Nov-2005Verification of residual stresses in flash-butt-weld rails using neutron diffractionTawfik, D; Kristein, O; Mutton, PJ; Chiu, WK
15-Nov-2006Fracture mechanics of mollusc shellsCortie, MB; McBean, KE; Elcombe, MM
15-Nov-2006Residual stress diffractometer KOWARI at the Australian research reactor OPAL: status of the projectBrûlé, A; Kirstein, O
15-Nov-2006Residual stresses in a cast iron automotive brake disc rotorRipley, MI; Kirstein, O