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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2021Geochemical influences on methanogenic groundwater from a low rank coal seam gas reservoir: Walloon Subgroup, Surat BasinBaublys, KA; Hofmann, H; Esterle, JS; Cendón, DI; Vink, S; Golding, SD
20-Jun-2021Decoupling wastewater impacts from hydrogeochemical trends in impacted groundwater resourcesMcCance, WG; Jones, OAH; Cendón, DI; Edwards, M; Surapaneni, A; Chadalavada, S; Currell, MJ
20-Oct-2021Anatomy of a complex mineral replacement reaction: Role of aqueous redox, mineral nucleation, and ion transport properties revealed by an in-situ study of the replacement of chalcopyrite by copper sulfidesChaudhari, A; Webster, NAS; Xia, F; Frierdich, AJ; Ram, R; Etschmann, BE; Liu, WH; Wykes, JL; Brand, HEA; Brugger, J
18-Jun-2021Volcanic controls on the microbial habitability of Mars-analogue hydrothermal environmentsMoreras-Marti, A; Fox-Powell, M; Zerkle, AL; Stueeken, E; Gazquez, F; Brand, HEA; Galloway, T; Purkamo, L; Cousins, CR
29-Apr-2021The Sc2WxMo3−xO12 series as electrodes in alkali-ion batteriesLiu, JN; Johannessen, B; Brand, HEA; Andersen, HL; Sharma, N
Oct-2021Annual report 2020-2021Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
15-Sep-2021Tracking the provenance of octopus using isotopic and multi-elemental analysisMartino, JC; Mazumder, D; Gadd, PS; Doubleday, ZA
30-Jan-2021Catchment-scale groundwater-flow and recharge paradox revealed from base flow analysis during the Australian Millennium Drought (Mt Lofty Ranges, South Australia)Anderson, TT; Bestland, EA; Wallis, I; Kretschmer, PJC; Soloninka, L; Banks, EW; Werner, AD; Cendón, DI; Pichler, MM; Guan, H
10-Sep-2021Control of neuroinflammation through radiation-induced microglial changesBoyd, A; Byrne, S; Middleton, RJ; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ
10-Feb-2021Simulation of radon-222 with the GEOS-Chem global model: emissions, seasonality, and convective transportZhang, B; Liu, HY; Crawford, JH; Chen, G; Fairlie, TD; Chambers, SD; Kang, CH; Williams, AG; Zhang, K; Considine, DB; Sulprizio, MP; Yantosca, RM