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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jul-2021Structural characterization of ancient Japanese swords from MAAS using neutron strain scanning measurementsSalvemini, F; Luzin, V; Grazzi, F; Gatenby, S; Kim, MJ
19-Jun-2021Numerical investigation of expandable graphite suppression on metal-based fireCordeiro, IMDC; Liu, HR; Yuen, ACY; Chen, TBY; Li, A; Cao, RF; Yeoh, GH
1-May-2021Simulation of competitive and cooperative egress movements on the crowd emergency evacuationCao, RF; Lee, EWM; Yuen, ACY; Chen, TBY; Cordeiro, IMDC; Shi, M; Wei, X; Yeoh, GH
4-Feb-2021PathoFusion: an open-source AI framework for recognition of pathomorphological features and mapping of immunohistochemical dataBao, GQ; Wang, XY; Xu, R; Loh, C; Adeyinka, OD; Pieris, DA; Cherepanoff, S; Gracie, G; Lee, M; McDonald, KL; Nowak, AK; Banati, RB; Buckland, ME; Graeber, MB
8-Feb-2021Patterns of aeolian deposition in subtropical Australia through the last glacial and deglacial periodsLewis, RJ; Tibby, J; Arnold, LJ; Gadd, PS; Jacobsen, GE; Barr, C; Negus, PM; Mariani, M; Penny, D; Chittleborough, D; Moss, E
1-Feb-2021Late Pleistocene and Holocene climate and environmental evolution of a subantarctic fjord ingression basin in the southwest PacificGreer, G; Moy, CM; Riesselman, CR; Vandergoes, MJ; Jacobsen, GE; Gorman, AR; Tidey, EJ; Wilson, GS
31-Jul-2021Marinite Li2Ni(SO4)2 as a new member of the bisulfate family of high-voltage lithium battery cathodesSingh, S; Jha, PK; Avdeev, M; Zhang, WL; Jayanthi, K; Navrotsky, A; Alshareef, HM; Barpanda, P
1-Jun-2021Insights into the structural variations in SmNb1−xTaxO4 and HoNb1−xTaxO4 combined experimental and computational studiesMullens, BG; Avdeev, M; Brand, HEA; Mondal, S; Vaitheeswaran, G; Kennedy, BJ
29-Jul-2021Extending insertion electrochemistry to soluble layered halides with superconcentrated electrolytesDubouis, N; Marchandier, T; Rousse, G; Marchini, F; Fauth, F; Avdeev, M; Iadecola, A; Porcheron, B; Deschamps, M; Tarascon, JM; Grimaud, A
18-Jun-2021Volcanic controls on the microbial habitability of Mars-analogue hydrothermal environmentsMoreras-Marti, A; Fox-Powell, M; Zerkle, AL; Stueeken, E; Gazquez, F; Brand, HEA; Galloway, T; Purkamo, L; Cousins, CR