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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2021Glacier development in continental climate regions of central AsiaBatbaatar, J; Gillespie, AR; Koppes, M; Clark, DH; Chadwick, OA; Fink, D; Matmon, A; Rupper, S
31-May-2021Secondary cooling system ageing management and refurbishment activities at the OPAL ReactorHumphrey, C
16-Sep-2021Giant shifts of crystal-field excitations in ErFeO3 driven by internal magnetic fieldsO'Brien, J; Deng, G; Ma, X; Feng, Z; Ren, W; Cao, S; Yu, DH; McIntyre, GJ; Ulrich, C
1-Oct-2021Accurate H-atom parameters for the two polymorphs of L-histi­dine at 5, 105 and 295 KNovelli, G; McMonagle, CJ; Kleemiss, F; Probert, MR; Puschmann, H; Grabowsky, S; Maynard-Casely, HE; McIntyre, GJ; Parsons, S
Dec-2021Radionuclide sorption studies of Co, Cs and Sr on LFLS soilsComarmond, MJ; Harrison, JJ; Payne, TE
28-Jan-2021Anthropogenic perturbations to the atmospheric molybdenum cycleWong, MY; Rathod, SD; Marino, R; Li, LL; Howarth, RW; Alastuey, A; Alaimo, MG; Barraza, F; Carneiro, MC; Chellam, S; Chen, YC; Cohen, DD; Connelly, D; Dongarra, G; Gómez, D; Hand, JL; Harrison, RM; Hopke, PK; Hueglin, c; Kuang, KW; Lambert, F; Liang, J; Losno, R; Maenhaut, W; Milando, C; Monteiro, MIC; Morera-Gómez, Y; Rodríguez, S; Querol, X; Smichowski, P; Varrica, D; Xiao, YH; Xu, YJ; Mahowald, NM
2-Aug-2021Antiferromagnetic order of ferromagnetically coupled dimers in the double pyrovanadate CaCoV2O7Murasaki, R; Nawa, K; Okuyama, D; Avdeev, M; Sato, TJ
20-Apr-2021Layered-rocksalt intergrown cathode for high-capacity zero-strain battery operationLi, N; Sun, ML; Kan, WH; Zhuo, ZQ; Hwang, SY; Renfrew, SE; Avdeev, M; Huq, A; McCloskey, BD; Su, D; Yang, WL; Tong, W
12-Sep-2021An investigation of LnUO4 (Ln = Dy and Ho): structures, microstructures, uranium valences and magnetic propertiesLu, KT; Zhang, YJ; Wei, T; Zhang, ZM; Avdeev, M; Zheng, RK
1-Jul-2021Synthesis and structure of oxygen deficient lead-technetium pyrochlore, the first example of a valence V technetium oxideKennedy, BJ; Ablott, TA; Avdeev, M; Carter, ML; Losurdo, L; Saura-Muzquiz, M; Thorogood, KJ; Ting, J; Wallwork, KS; Zhang, ZM; Zhu, HL; Thorogood, GJ