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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Feb-2021Reconstructing the history of nutrient loads and sources in the Derwent Estuary, Tasmania, Australia, using isotopic fingerprinting techniquesStevens, H; Chase, Z; Zawadzki, A; Wong, HKY; Proemse, BC
22-Oct-2020Evidence of wet-dry cycles and mega-droughts in the Eemian climate of southeast AustraliaMcGowan, HA; Campbell, M; Callow, JN; Lowry, A; Wong, HKY
15-Jan-2021Impact of salinity and carbonate saturation on stable Sr isotopes (δ88/86Sr) in a lagoon-estuarine systemShao, YX; Farkaš, J; Mosely, LM; Tyler, JJ; Wong, HKY; Chamberlayne, B; Raven, M; Samanta, M; Holmden, C; Gillanders, BG; Kolevica, A; Eisenhauer, A
15-Apr-2021Bioaccumulation kinetics and internal distribution of the fission products radiocaesium and radiostrontium in an estuarine crabCresswell, T; Prentice, E; Howell, NR; Callaghan, PD; Metian, M; Johansen, MP
28-Aug-2020Protection of the environmentCopplestone, D; Hirth, GA; Cresswell, T; Johansen, MP
15-Mar-2020Investigating bulk mechanical properties on a micro-scale: micro-tensile testing of ultrafine grained Ni–SiC composite to determine its fracture mechanism and strain rate sensitivityXu, A; Yang, C; Thorogood, GJ; Bhattacharyya, D
12-Jan-2022Editorial: Ordered and disordered cubic systems: pyrochlore to fluorite, now and the horizonThorogood, GJ; Finkeldei, SC; Lang, MK; Simeone, D
1-Apr-2020Nanoporous zirconium phosphonate materials with enhanced chemical and thermal stability for sorbent applicationsVeliscek-Carolan, J; Rawal, A; Oldfield, DT; Thorogood, GJ; Bedford, NM
Oct-2021Modelling of reusable target materials for the production of fission produced 99Mo using MCNP6.2 and CINDER90Raposio, R; Braoudakis, G; Rosenfeld, AB; Thorogood, GJ
25-Oct-2021Mitochondrial translocator protein (TSPO) expression in the brain after whole body gamma irradiationBetlazar, C; Middleton, RJ; Howell, NR; Storer, B; Davis, E; Davies, JB; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ