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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2018Li+ conductivity of tungsten bronze LixSr1−0.5xTa2O6 studied by neutron diffraction analysisHan, HD; Avdeev, M; Kim, YI
1-Feb-2014Characterization of thermally stable diamond composite materialLuzin, V; Boland, JN; Avdeev, M; Li, XS
7-Feb-2017Magnetic structure and spin reorientation of quaternary Dy2Fe2Si2CSusilo, RA; Cadogan, JM; Hutchison, WD; Stewart, GA; Avdeev, M; Campbell, SJ
1-Jun-2017Synthesis and structural characterization of the hexagonal anti-perovskite Na2CaVO4FGreen, RL; Avdeev, M; Vogt, T
10-May-2017Magnetic structure and dielectric state in the multiferroic Ca2CoSi2O7Soda, M; Hayashida, S; Yoshida, T; Akaki, M.; Hagiwara, M; Avdeev, M; Zaharko, O; Masuda, T
Feb-2012Structural and physical properties of Re substituted B-site ordered and disordered SrCo1−xRexO3−δ (x=0.1, 0.25, 0.5)Baszczuk, A; Dabrowski, B; Kolesnik, S; Chmaissem, O; Avdeev, M
1-Oct-2017Crystal structure and optical property of complex perovskite oxynitrides ALi0.2Nb0.8O2.8N0.2, ANa0.2Nb0.8O2.8N0.2, and AMg0.2Nb0.8O2.6N0.4 (A = Sr, Ba)Moon, KH; Avdeev, M; Kim, YI
10-Jul-2015Antiferromagnetic spin structure and negative thermal expansion of Li2Ni(WO4)2Karna, SK; Wang, CW; Sankar, R; Avdeev, M; Singh, A; Panneer Muthuselvam, I; Singh, VN; Guo, GY; Chou, FC
20-Jan-2017Magnetic transitions in the chiral armchair-kagome system Mn2Sb2O7Peets, DC; Sim, H; Choi, S; Avdeev, M; Lee, S; Kim, SJ; Kang, H; Ahn, D; Park, JG
1-Oct-2015Structure, stability, and photoluminescence in the anti-perovskites Na3W1−xMoxO4F (0≤x≤1)Sullivan, E; Avdeev, M; Blom, DA; Gahrs, CJ; Green, RL; Hamaker, CG; Vogt, T