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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2004High intensity and high resolution neutron powder diffraction at the replacement research reactorHagen, ME; Hunter, BA; Noakes, TJ
6-Jun-2019The rockbridgeite group approved and a new member, ferrorockbridgeite, (Fe2+,Mn2+)2(Fe3+)3(PO4)3(OH)4(H2O), described from the Hagendorf Süd pegmatite, Oberpfalz, BavariaGrey, IE; Kampf, AR; Keck, E; Cashion, JD; MacRae, CM; Gozukara, Y; Peterson, VK; Shanks, FL
12-Jul-2017QUOKKA - 40 metre reactor based monochromatic small angle neutron scattering instrumentGarvey, CJ; Gilbert, EP; Mata, JP; Wood, K; Wu, CM
12-Jul-2017Small angle and inelastic scattering investigation of nanodiamondsOsborn, JC; Ersez, T; Lu, W
4-Feb-2004The antiferromagnetic structure of BaPrO3Robinson, RA; Goossens, DJ; Telling, MF
Apr-2013P–V–T equation of state of synthetic mirabilite (Na2SO4·10D2O) determined by powder neutron diffractionFortes, AD; Brand, HEA; Vočadlo, L; Lindsay-Scott, A; Fernandez-Alonso, F; Wood, IG
1-Aug-2018Structural evidence for Mg-doped LiFePO4 electrode polarisation in commercial Li-ion batteriesGoonetilleke, D; Faulkner, T; Peterson, VK; Sharma, N
1-Oct-2012Structural distortions in Sr3-xAxMO4F (A=Ca, Ba; M=Al, Ga, In) anti-perovskites and corresponding changes in photoluminescenceSullivan, E; Avdeev, M; Vogt, T
1-Jan-2012Evaluation of residual stress in SPR joint by neutron diffractionHaque, R; Beynon, JH; Kirstein, O; Wong, YC; Durandet, Y
1-Jan-2013Neutron diffraction study of NdCrGe3Lemoine, P; Cadogan, JM; Slater, BR; Mar, A; Avdeev, M