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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Nov-20152nd Asia-Oceania Instrument Scientist Workshops, Manly, July 19, 2015Hester, JR; Holt, SA; Imperia, P; Piltz, RO; Rehm, C; Rule, KC; Mole, RA; McIntyre, GJ
13-Aug-2014Neutron scattering's influence on crystallographyMcIntyre, GJ
May-2015Bi1−xNbxO1.5+x (x=0.0625, 0.12) fast ion conductors: structures, stability and oxide ion migration pathwaysTate, ML; Hack, J; Kuang, X; McIntyre, GJ; Withers, RL; Johnson, MR; Evans, IR
Jan-2015Neutron Laue and X-ray diffraction study of a new crystallographic superspace phase in n-nonadecane-ureaZerdane, S; Mariette, C; McIntyre, GJ; Lemée-Cailleau, MH; Rabiller, P; Guérin, L; Ameline, JC; Toudic, B
Oct-2021Visualizing lithium ions in the crystal structure of Li3PO4 by in situ neutron diffractionManawan, M; Kartini, E; Avdeev, M
4-Nov-2014Insights into the crystallisation process from anhydrous, hydrated and solvated crystal forms of diatrizoic acidFucke, K; McIntyre, GJ; Lemée-Cailleau, MH; Wilkinson, C; Edwards, AJ; Howard, JAK; Steed, JW
1-Jan-2016Neutron and high-pressure X-ray diffraction study of hydrogen-bonded ferroelectric rubidium hydrogen sulfateBinns, J; McIntyre, GJ; Parsons, S
1-Sep-2014Crystallography at ANSTO’s jewel, the OPAL reactorMaynard-Casely, HE; McIntyre, GJ
9-Feb-1994A high temporal resolution solid state thermal neutron detectorMcKean, NS; Davis, RL; Bartel, A; Bakshi, EN
9-Feb-1994Diffuse neutron scattering studies of single crystal specimens of Fe3-x MnxSiErsez, T; Kennedy, SJ; Hicks, TJ; Kepa, H