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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Sep-2017Tracing water quality changes in water level manipulated lakes in central Tasmania using high resolution core scanning and isotopic dating techniquesProemse, BC; Gadd, PS; Zawadzki, A; Maxwell, C; Barmuta, L
6-Mar-2020Synthesis, electrical properties and Na+ migration pathways of Na2CuP1.5As0.5O7ALQarni, OSA; Marzouki, R; Ben Smida, Y; Alghamdi, MM; Avdeev, M; Belhadj Tahar, R; Zid, MF
3-Sep-2019Factors contributing to the iso-elemental fingerprinting of giant tiger prawns (Penaeus monodon)Gopi, K; Mazumder, D; Sammut, J; Saintilan, N; Crawford, J; Gadd, PS
21-Feb-2018Variance and rate-of-change as early warning signals for a critical transition in an aquatic ecosystem state: a test case from Tasmania, AustraliaBeck, KK; Fletcher, MS; Gadd, PS; Heijnis, H; Saunders, KM; Simpson, GL; Zawadzki, A
23-Jul-2018Holocene dynamics of the Southern Hemisphere westerly winds and possible links to CO2 outgassingSaunders, KM; Roberts, SJ; Perren, B; Butz, C; Sime, L; Davies, S; van Nieuwenhuyze, W; Grosjean, M; Hodgson, DA
1-Jan-2019Combined use of stable isotope analysis and elemental profiling to determine provenance of black tiger prawns (Penaeus monodon)Gopi, K; Mazumder, D; Sammut, J; Saintilan, N; Crawford, J; Gadd, PS
1-Feb-2018Geological evidence and sediment transport modelling for the 1946 and 1960 tsunamis in Shinmachi, Hilo, HawaiiChagué, C; Sugawara, D; Goto, K; Goff, JR; Dudley, WC; Gadd, PS
29-Sep-2016Critical thresholds in aquatic ecosystems: a case study of Tasmanian diatom community response to regional and local environmental changeBeck, KK; Fletcher, MS; Saunders, KM; Benson, A; Gadd, PS; Heijnis, H; Wolfe, B; Zawadzki, A
15-Nov-2006Magnetic and crystallographic properties of TbCo4BCaspi, EN; Dubman, M; Ettedgui, H; Shaked, H; Melamud, M; Keller, L; Avdeev, M
24-Oct-2004Western Tasmania - a reconstructed history of wide-spread aerial pollution in a formerly "pristine" area - the use of 210Pb & 226Ra in retrospective monitoring of the environmentHeijnis, H; Harle, KJ; Harrison, JJ