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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2006Integration of ice-core, marine and terrestrial records for the Australian Last Glacial Maximum and Termination: a contribution from the OZ INTIMATE groupTurney, CSM; Haberle, SG; Fink, D; Kershaw, AP; Barbetti, M; Barrows, TT; Black, M; Cohen, TJ; Corrège, T; Hesse, PP; Hua, Q; Johnston, R; Morgan, VI; Moss, PT; Nanson, GC; van Ommen, TD; Rule, S; Williams, NJ; Zhao, JX; D'Costa, D; Feng, YX; Gagan, MK; Mooney, SD; Xia, Q
Jan-2006Exposure ages from relict lateral moraines overridden by the Fennoscandian ice sheetFabel, D; Fink, D; Fredin, O; Harbor, J; Land, M; Stroeven, AP
10-Feb-2006Glacial chronologies across Southern Hemisphere latitudes during the past 30 ka and correlations to Antarctic ice coresFink, D; Williams, P; Augustinus, PC; Schulmeister, J
27-Aug-2006Coupled U-series and radiocarbon dating of a Chinese stalagmite from 15 to 33 ka: testing calibration applicability and dead carbon correction variabilityHodge, E; Zhao, JX; Feng, YX; Wu, J; Fink, D; Hua, Q
2006Century-to-decade scale modulation of ENSO recorded by postglacial laminated sediments from the Peru continental marginSkillbeck, G; Gagan, MK; Goodwin, I; Watson, M; Fink, D
2006Glacial climate transitions in the Southern Hemisphere - new inisights from cosmogenic 10Be in rocks and 14C in tree-ringsFink, D
15-Mar-2006Pleistocene deglaciation chronology of the Amery Oasis and Radok Lake, northern Prince Charles Mountains, AntarcticaFink, D; McKelvey, BC; Hambrey, M. J; Fabel, D; Brown, R
Apr-2006Cosmogenic nuclide evidence for minimal erosion across two subglacial sliding boundaries of the late glacial Fennoscandian ice sheetHarbor, J; Stroeven, AP; Fabel, D; Clarhäll, A; Kleman, J; Li, YK; Elmore, D; Fink, D
Aug-2006Neocortical neurogenesis in humans is restricted to developmentBhardwaj, RD; Curtis, MA; Spalding, KL; Buchholz, BA; Fink, D; Björk-Eriksson, T; Nordborg, C; Gage, FH; Druid, H; Eriksson, PS; Frisén, J
Sep-2006Vegetation and land-use at Angkor, Cambodia: a dated pollen sequence from the Bakong temple moatPenny, D; Pottier, C; Fletcher, R; Barbetti, M; Fink, D; Hua, Q