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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2005Precipitation, recovery, phase transition and recrystallization processes of massively transformed TiAI scrutinized by ex- and in-situ high-energy X-ray diffractionLiss, KD; Bystrzanowski, S; Bartels, A; Buslaps, T; Clemens, H; Gerling, R; Schimansky, FP; Stark, A
31-Jan-2005Lattice dynamics of hydrogenated austenitic steelsDanilkin, SA; Hoelzel, M; Udovic, TJ; Rameriz-Cuesta, T; Parker, SF; Wipf, H; Fuess, H
31-Jan-2005Structural characterization of ion implanted Au nanocrystals using synchrotron-based analytical techniquesKluth, P; Johannessen, B; Glover, CJ; Foran, GJ; Kluth, SM; Ridgway, MC
31-Jan-2005Phase separation in the organic solid state: simultaneous synchrotron SAXS / DSC studies of unstable n-alkane blendsGilbert, EP; Nelson, A; Sutton, D; Terrill, N; Martin, C; Lal, J; Lang, EA
Nov-2005International conference on neutron scattering ICNS2005, 27 November-2 December 2005, Final program and abstract bookThe Bragg Institute, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
31-Jan-2005Competing types of long-range 3d magnetic order in the layered molecular network compounds M(NCO)2(pyz), M - Mn, Re or CoLing, CD; Manson, JL
31-Jan-2005Domain structure effects in the relaxor ferroelectric PZN-PTPiltz, RO
27-Nov-2005Residual stresses in cast iron automotive brake disc rotorsRipley, MI; Kirstein, O
27-Nov-2005Effects of through-thickness stress assumptions on residual stress measurements in weldsLaw, M; Gnaupel-Herold, T
27-Nov-2005Time resolved neutron diffraction studies of triglycine sulphate near the ferroelectric transition during the application of high voltage electric fieldsDaniels, JE; Finlayson, TR; Studer, AJ; Hagen, ME