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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009From single grains to textureYan, K; Liss, KD; Garbe, U; Daniels, JE; Kirstein, O; Li, HJ; Dippenaar, RJ
3-Jul-2007Evolution of composition and grain correlations upon phase transitions and micro-structural rearrangement processes followed in-situ by high energy x-ray diffractionLiss, KD; Yeoh, LA; Clemens, H; Chladil, HF; Bartels, A; Stark, A; Buslaps, T
1-Jun-2008In-situ characterization of phase transformations and microstructure evolution in a γ-TiAl based alloyLiss, KD; Bartels, A; Clemens, H; Stark, A; Buslaps, T; Phelan, D; Yeoh, LA
Dec-2007Towards the thermodynamic equilibrium of titanium aluminides after consolidation by back pressure equal channel angular pressingXu, W; Wu, X; Whitfield, R; Liss, KD; Buslaps, T; Yeoh, LA; Zhang, DL; Xia, K
5-Dec-2006ECHIDNA - getting OPAL’s high resolution powder diffractometer into operationLiss, KD; Hunter, BA; Hagen, ME; Noakes, TJ
31-Jan-2005Precipitation, recovery, phase transition and recrystallization processes of massively transformed TiAI scrutinized by ex- and in-situ high-energy X-ray diffractionLiss, KD; Bystrzanowski, S; Bartels, A; Buslaps, T; Clemens, H; Gerling, R; Schimansky, FP; Stark, A
31-Jan-2005High energy synchrotron x-rays: a tool for bulk investigations in physics and materials scienceLiss, KD
4-Dec-2006Two dimensional high energy x-ray powder diffractionYeoh, LA; Liss, KD; Buslaps, T
4-Dec-2006In-situ study of phases and microstructures of titanium aluminidesLiss, KD; Yeoh, LA; Bartels, A; Clemens, H; Phelan, D; Buslaps, T
5-Feb-2009Do Q!Liss, KD