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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2021Synchrotron-based imaging reveals the fate of selenium in striped marsh frog tadpolesLanctôt, CM; Cresswell, T; Lombi, E; Bennett, WW
2-Jul-2021Assessing the impacts of scale residues from offshore oil and gas decommissioning on marine organismsCresswell, T; Brown, S; Wong, HKY; Apte, S
26-May-2021Zinc accumulates in the nodes of wheat following the foliar application of 65Zn oxide nano- and microparticlesRead, TL; Doolette, CL; Howell, NR; Kopittke, PM; Cresswell, T; Lombi, E
10-Jun-2020Bioaccumulation kinetics of cadmium and zinc in the freshwater decapod crustacean Paratya australiensis following multiple pulse exposuresMcDonald, S; Cresswell, T; Hassell, KL
Jan-2022Current understanding and research needs for ecological risk assessments of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in subsea oil and gas pipelinesKoppel, DJ; Kho, F; Hastings, A; Crouch, D; MacIntosh, A; Cresswell, T; Higgins, S
10-Jun-2021Effect of short-term dietary exposure on metal assimilation and metallothionein induction in the estuarine fish Pseudogobius sp.McDonald, S; Hassell, K; Cresswell, T
18-Mar-2021Experimental design and statistical analysis in aquatic live animal radiotracing studies: a systematic reviewMcDonald, S; Cresswell, T; Hassell, K; Keough, MJ
10-Jan-2020Plant uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus among grassland species affected by drought along a soil available phosphorus gradientMariotte, P; Cresswell, T; Johansen, MP; Harrison, JJ; Keitel, C; Dijkstra, FA
11-Nov-2021Fate and sublethal effects of metals during amphibian metamorphosis: a systematic reviewHill, D; Cresswell, T; Bennett, WW; Lanctôt, CM
28-Aug-2020Protection of the environmentCopplestone, D; Hirth, GA; Cresswell, T; Johansen, MP