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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jan-2022Color centers in K–Na–Cl crystals induced by pulsed intense relativistic electron beam at 77 KNamioka, Y; Kurosaki, T; Kikuchi, T; Dung, DTM; Nakayama, T; Suematsu, H; Thorogood, GJ
Jan-2022Current understanding and research needs for ecological risk assessments of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in subsea oil and gas pipelinesKoppel, DJ; Kho, F; Hastings, A; Crouch, D; MacIntosh, A; Cresswell, T; Higgins, S
25-Jan-2022Cultural heritage project at Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)Salvemini, F; White, R; Levchenko, VA; Smith, AM; Pastuovic, Z; Stopic, A; Luzin, V; Tobin, MJ; Puskar, L; Howard, DL; Davis, J; Avdeev, M; Gatenby, S; Kim, MJ; Grazzi, F; Sheedy, K; Olsen, SR; Raymond, CA; Lord, C; Richards, C; Bevitt, JJ; Popelka-Filcoff, RS; Lenehan, CE; Ives, S; Dredge, P; Yip, A; Brookhouse, MT; Austin, AG
28-Mar-2022Magnetic properties and noncollinear spin structure of the tin-rich stannide Ho5Co6Sn18Wang, CW; Karna, SK; Yanco, SI; Lee, CH; Avdeev, M; Lue, CS; Kuo, CN
29-Apr-2022Hydrogen sorption behaviour of Mg-5wt.%La alloys after the initial hydrogen absorption processKim, MJ; Tan, XF; Gu, QF; McDonald, SD; Ali, Y; Matsumura, S; Nogita, K
Apr-2022HRTex: a high-resolution texture data processing tool for monochromatic neutron diffraction based on the pixel projection methodYang, J; Zhong, SY; Luzin, V; Liu, XL; Dan, C
21-Apr-2022Uranium adsorption – a review of progress from qualitative understanding to advanced model developmentPayne, TE; Waite, TD
May-2022A radiocarbon chronology for Sanamere Lagoon, Cape York Peninsula, using multiple organic fractionsRivera-Araya, M; Rowe, C; Levchenko, VA; Ulm, S; Bird, MI
15-Sep-2022[Ca2+] and [SO2- 4] in Phanerozoic and terminal Proterozoic seawater from fluid inclusions in halite: the significance of Ca-SO4 crossover pointsWeldeghebrial, MF; Lowenstein, TK; García-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI
1-Aug-2022Elucidating degradation mechanisms for a range of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) via controlled irradiation studiesPatch, D; O'Connor, N; Koch, I; Cresswell, T; Hughes, CE; Davies, JB; Scott, J; O'Carroll, D; Weber, K