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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2020Hot isostatically pressed (HIPed) fluorite glass‐ceramic wasteforms for fluoride molten salt wastesGregg, DJ; Vance, ER; Dayal, P; Farzana, R; Aly, Z; Holmes, R; Triani, G
10-Feb-2021Synthetic pathway determines the nonequilibrium crystallography of Li- and Mn-rich layered oxide cathode materialsMenon, AS; Ulusoy, S; Ojwang, DO; Riekehr, L; Didier, C; Peterson, VK; Salazar-Alvarez, G; Svedlindh, P; Edström, K; Gomez, CP; Brant, WR
5-Feb-2020Influence of synthesis routes on the crystallography, morphology, and electrochemistry of Li2MnO3Menon, AS; Ojwang, DO; Wilhammar, T; Peterson, VK; Edström, K; Gomez, CP; Brant, WR
5-Feb-2020Tuning magnetic frustration in bixbyitesSpasovski, M; Avdeev, M; Söhnel, T
6-Feb-2020Tributes to three "Wagga" scientistsFinlayson, TR; Gregg, DJ; Stewart, GA
4-Feb-2020Exploring the pyrophosphate series K2Cu1-xFexP2O7Silk, R; Avdeev, M; Sauceda Flores, J; Ulrich, C; Söhnel, T
4-Feb-2020Exploring the novel pyrovanadate series K2Mn1-xCoV2O7Smith, M; Avdeev, M; Sauceda Flores, J
22-Oct-2020A robust coin-cell design for in situ synchrotron-based x-ray powder diffraction analysis of battery materialsLiang, GM; Hao, JN; D'Angelo, AM; Peterson, VK; Guo, ZP; Pang, WK
6-Oct-2021Tribute to Eric Raymond (Lou) Vance (15th November, 1942–7th March, 2019)Finlayson, TR; Gregg, DJ; Sorrell, CC
9-Jun-2020The effect of sterically active ligand substituents on gas adsorption within a family of 3D Zn-based coordination polymersAbrahams, BF; Babarao, R; Dharma, AD; Holmes, JL; Hudson, TA; Maynard-Casely, HE; McGain, F; Robson, R; Waite, KF