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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2022Rare earth elements and yttrium as tracers of waste/rock-groundwater interactionsCendón, DI; Rowling, B; Hughes, CE; Payne, TE; Hankin, SI; Harrison, JJ; Peterson, MA; Stopic, A; Wong, HKY; Gadd, PS
7-Apr-2022Detection and discrimination of neutron capture events for NCEPT dose quantificationChacon, A; Kielly, M; Rutherford, H; Franklin, DR; Caracciolo, A; Buonanno, L; D'Adda, I; Rosenfeld, AB; Guatelli, S; Carminati, M; Fiorini, C; Safavi-Naeini, M
15-Feb-2022Ubiquitous karst hydrological control on speleothem oxygen isotope variability in a global studyTreble, PC; Baker, AA; Abram, NJ; Hellstrom, JC; Crawford, J; Gagan, MK; Borsato, A; Griffiths, AD; Bajo, P; Markowska, M; Priestley, SC; Hankin, SI; Paterson, DJ
1-Jun-2022Development of a new powder-bed arc additive manufacturing approach for producing high entropy alloysDong, BS; Wang, ZY; Pan, Z; Li, HJ
1-Jun-2022Biochemical interaction of few layer black phosphorus with microbial cells using synchrotron macro-ATR-FTIRShaw, ZL; Cheeseman, S; Huang, LZY; Penman, R; Ahmed, T; Bryant, SJ; Bryant, G; Christofferson, AJ; Orwell-Twigg, R; Dekiwadia, C; Truong, VK; Vongsvivut, JP; Walia, S; Elbourne, A
1-Jun-2022Effects of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of wire arc additively manufactured Hastelloy C276 alloyQiu, Z; Wu, B; Zhu, H; Wang, Z; Wexler, D; Van Duin, S; Pan, Z; Li, H
11-Aug-2022A condensed overview of sub-geV hadronic physics in GEANT4Brown, JMC; Boardman, DA; Flynn, A
15-Apr-2022Isotopic evidence for nitrate sources and controls on denitrification in groundwater beneath an irrigated agricultural districtHarris, SJ; Cendón, DI; Hankin, SI; Peterson, MA; Xiao, S; Kelly, BFJ
28-Mar-2022Knockout of TSPO delays and reduces amyloid, Tau, astrocytosis and behavioral dysfunctions in Alzheimer’s diseaseCeyzériat, K; Meyer, L; Boutjelda, F; Tsartsalis, S; Amossé, Q; Middleton, RJ; Liu, GJ; Banati, RB; Zilli, T; Garibotto, V; Millet, P; Tournier, BB
8-Apr-2022Variation of antigen 43 self-association modulates bacterial compacting within aggregates and biofilmVo, JL; Martínez Ortiz, GC; Totsika, M; Lo, AW; Hancock, SJ; Whitten, AE; Hor, L; Peters, KM; Ageorges, V; Caccia, N; Desvaux, M; Schembri, MA; Paxman, JJ; Heras, B