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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2020A 35 ka record of groundwater recharge in south-west Australia using stable water isotopesPriestley, SC; Meredith, KT; Treble, PC; Cendón, DI; Griffiths, AD; Hollins, SE; Baker, AA; Pigois, JP
1-Oct-2020Late Pleistocene glaciers in Greece: a new 36Cl chronologyAllard, JL; Hughes, PD; Woodward, JC; Fink, D; Simon, KJ; Wilcken, KM
15-Dec-2020Development of a multi-method chronology spanning the last glacial interval from Orakei maar lake, Auckland, New ZealandPeti, L; Fitzsimmons, KE; Hopkins, JL; Nilsson, A; Fujioka, T; Fink, D; Mifsud, C; Christl, M; Muscheler, R; Augustinus, PC
17-Nov-2021Actinides AMS sample processing capability at ANSTO – a tour by posterChild, DP; Hotchkis, MAC
26-Feb-2020Determining the Plio-Quaternary uplift of the southern French Massif Central; a new insight for intraplate orogen dynamicsMalcles, O; Vernant, P; Chéry, J; Camps, P; Cazes, G; Ritz, JF; Fink, D
17-Nov-2021Establishing robust chronologies for two young stalagmites from the tropical south Pacific using radiocarbonFaraji, M; Hua, Q; Borsato, A; Frisia, S
17-Nov-2021Slip rates for the Hyde and Dunstan Faults, southern New Zealand, revealed by cosmogenic radionuclide datingGriffin, J; Stirling, M; Wilcken, KM; Barrell, D; Simon, KJ
17-Nov-2021Dating correlated microlayers in engraved, oxalate-rich accretions: new archives of paleoenvironments and human activity from Australian rock art sheltersGreen, H; Finch, D; Gleadow, AJM; Hoy, J; Levchenko, VA; Myers, C; Heaney, P; Pickering, R