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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2021Geochemical influences on methanogenic groundwater from a low rank coal seam gas reservoir: Walloon Subgroup, Surat BasinBaublys, KA; Hofmann, H; Esterle, JS; Cendón, DI; Vink, S; Golding, SD
17-Nov-2021Establishing robust chronologies for two young stalagmites from the tropical south Pacific using radiocarbonFaraji, M; Hua, Q; Borsato, A; Frisia, S
17-Nov-2021Speleothem 14C is unlikely to be impacted by wildfire – case studies from Western Australia and TasmaniaCampbell, M; McDonough, LK; Kosarac, N; Treble, PC; Markowska, M; Baker, AA; Hua, Q
17-Nov-2021Discordant 26Al/10Be ratios as an indicator of bedrock plucking: case studies from northern AustraliaFujioka, T; May, JH; Fink, D; Nanson, GC
17-Nov-2021A multi-cosmogenic nuclide approach to assess sediment provenance and long-term denudation in the ancient Pilbara region, Western AustraliaFlatley, A; May, JH; Fujioka, T; Fink, D; Wilcken, KM; Rutherfurd, I
17-Nov-2021The potential of using in situ cosmogenic 14CO in ice cores at Dome C to examine the assumption of a constant galactic cosmic ray fluxPetrenko, VV; BenZvi, S; Smith, AM; Dyonisius, MN; Hmiel, B; Neff, PD; Buizert, C; Severinghaus, JP
17-Nov-2021Using in situ 14C to unravel complex exposure histories along the David Glacier, AntarcticaStutz, J; Fülop, RH; Norton, KP; Mackintosh, AN; Whitemore, R; Yang, B; Smith, AM
17-Nov-2021From radiocarbon dating of mud wasp nests to ages for early Australian rock artFinch, D; Gleadow, AJM; Hergt, J; Green, H; Levchenko, VA; Heaney, P
17-Nov-2021Chemical removal of sulphur from AgCl and AgBr for 36Cl measurements at ANSTOSimon, KJ; Wilcken, KM; Amatya Joshi, A
17-Nov-2021Short duration glacial advances: implications for cosmogenic dating chronologiesWhite, DA; Fülöp, RH; Fink, D; Fujioka, T; Blaxell, M; Jeromson, MR; Codilean, AT