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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2007Single-crystal and powder neutron diffraction experiments on FePS3: search for the magnetic structureRule, KC; McIntyre, GJ; Kennedy, SJ; Hicks, TJ
1-Sep-2018Magnetic properties of CeM1.5M’0.5Ge4O12 (M = Mn, Co; M’ = Ni, Cu)Xu, D; Avdeev, M; Battle, PD
30-Nov-2016Spin-reorientation in quaternary Dy_2Fe_2Si_2CSusilo, RA; Cadogan, JM; Hutchison, WD; Stewart, GA; Campbell, SJ; Avdeev, M
12-Aug-2014Low-T magnetic anomaly in Ca2Fe2O5 studied by single-crystal neutron diffractionAuckett, JE; McIntyre, GJ; Avdeev, M; De Bruyn, H; Ling, CD
7-Oct-2020Magnetic properties and magnetic structure of the frustrated quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet SrCuTe2O6Saeaun, P; Zhao, Y; Piyawongwatthana, P; Sato, TJ; Chou, FC; Avdeev, M; Gitgeatpong, G; Matan, K
7-Dec-2016Magnetic structure and magnon dynamics of the quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet FePS 3Lançon, D; Walker, HC; Ressouche, E; Ouladdiaf, B; Rule, KC; McIntyre, GJ; Hicks, TJ; Rønnow, HM; Wildes, AR
12-Oct-2017The magnetic properties and structure of the quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet CoPS3Wildes, AR; Simonet, V; Ressouche, E; Ballou, R; McIntyre, GJ
Mar-2016Neutron scattering study of magnetic structure in triangle spin tube CsCrF4Hagihala, M; Avdeev, M; Manaka, H; Masuda, T
21-Nov-2019Magnetic and electronic properties of single-crystalline BaCoSOSong, YH; Liu, XS; Wu, D; Yao, Q; Wen, CHP; Avdeev, M; Peng, R; Xu, HC; Miao, J; Lou, X; Fang, YF; Pan, BL; Wang, NL; Peets, DC; Feng, DG
22-Oct-2018Magnetic structure and spin correlations in magnetoelectric honeycomb Mn4Ta2O9Narayanan, N; Senyshyn, A; Mikhailova, D; Faske, T; Lu, T; Liu, Z; Weise, B; Ehrenberg, H; Mole, RA; Hutchison, WD; Fuess, H; McIntyre, GJ; Liu, Y; Yu, DH